Jim Malliard: Chief Strategist for Education Legislation and Parent Advocacy

Jim Malliard is a passionate advocate for educational reform, an experienced podcast host, and a dedicated community leader. As the Chief Strategist for Education Legislation and Parent Advocacy at Candy Apple Advocacy, Jim is committed to empowering parents and driving positive change in the education sector.

Professional Roles

FCCA Board President

As Board President of the Family & Community Christian Association since 2014, Jim has played a crucial role in the organization's growth and development. His responsibilities include:

‚ÄčUnder Jim's leadership, FCCA has witnessed significant changes and progress. He remains committed to the organization's mission of providing excellent programs, fostering partnerships, and promoting unity within the community.

The Malliard Report

Join Jim on his thought-provoking podcast, The Malliard Report, where he explores a wide range of topics including true crime, paranormal phenomena, and current events. The show features in-depth discussions with experts, thought leaders, and scholars, offering unique insights and hard-hitting analyses.

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Candy Apple Advocacy

At Candy Apple Advocacy, Jim leads initiatives to empower and support parents in navigating the complex world of education. The platform provides comprehensive guidance on school advice, Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), and education policy.

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Educational Advocacy

Jim is a strong advocate for charter school education and works closely with the Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools (PCPCS). His efforts focus on promoting excellence in education and supporting the diverse needs of students and families.

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Community Engagement

Beyond his strategic role, Jim actively engages with the community through various platforms. He participates in events like Parent Power 2024, connecting with passionate parents and leaders fighting for children's futures in education.

Vision for the Future

Jim's multifaceted approach to educational improvement combines his experiences in podcasting, non-profit leadership, and advocacy. His focus remains on driving positive change in education through strategic advocacy, legislative action, and parent empowerment. As FCCA Board President, he continues to build a better future for families, children, and the community.